PESEL number for children of non-EU citizens

I was contacted by several parents frustrated by the fact that they knew no way to obtain PESEL numbers for their children. Now we can spread the good news – there is a legal basis to obtain a PESEL for children.

RakaTravel Zakopane

RakaTravel is a travel and accommodations company run by two founders: Karolina and Retha. Karolina is Polish and Retha is originally from South Africa but moved to Zakopane in 2014. RakaTravel offers a range of holiday apartments in Zakopane and surrounding areas....

Business Incubators – AIP and Twój StartUp

From time to time you send me questions regarding business in Poland. We usually talk about sole proprietorship or KRS companies, but sometimes we end up discussing the third possibility – business incubators and their pre-incubation scheme.


Chido-Fajny is a blog run by Jose David Huerta Beltran, a Warsaw expat born in Mexico City. During his studies at the Universidad Panamericana Campus in Mexico he went away for an exchange programme to Paris. Once he got to Europe, he started thinking about visiting...

ESN Warsaw United

Erasmus Student Network (ESN) is a non-profit international student organisation. Their mission is to represent international students, thus provide opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of Students Helping Students. ESN...

How Many Expats Live In Poland?

There are quite a lot foreigners in Poland and this number is growing year after year. Can you guess where Polish expats come from and which Polish cities they choose to live in?

New Rules Of Waste Management In Poland

The system of waste management in Poland has changed as of July 2017. Learn how to sort your trash and what to do with hazardous waste like electronic devices and medications, or bulky waste like old furniture.

How Can You Get Into Poland’s Top Universities?

You’ve made a bold decision to study far from home. The first problem that you need to face is finding the best university in a country where people probably don’t even speak your language. This guide will help you to find and enroll in the top universities in Poland.

PFR – Pre-Filled Tax Return

This text describes how to use the pre-filled tax return system in order to submit the PIT-37. All you need to do now is check if everything has been copied correctly and fill out a few extra fields.

Odd Urban Things

From time to time I’ll introduce you to my partners - websites led by expats or for expats that have something interesting to offer: valuable and reliable information, fresh news, special products, etc. One of the websites that you should know about is Odd Urban...

How Do I Choose A Personal Bank Account?

If you want to find the best personal bank account, it will be easiest to use comparison websites in order to compare offers from all of the banks in Poland. In this article I will provide you with all the necessary Polish banking vocabulary to enable you to find the best bank offers.

Company Formation In Poland: The CEIDG-1 Form

You register a sole proprietorship in the CEIDG register on the CEIDG-1 form. The good news is that the form has been translated into English. The bad news is that many entrepreneurs still find it difficult to fill out the form on their own.

PIT-WZ. The Tax Office Will Now Fill Out The PIT-37 Form For You

This year the Polish tax office introduced a new kind of service – they’re now filling out the PIT-37 forms for taxpayers. I got really excited by the idea, especially since according to the government it should now take the taxpayer only a few minutes to apply for the assistance and then to accept the version prepared by the tax office.

NIP Number

NIP is often used as an identification number for people who work in Poland and are not included in the PESEL register i.e. most non-EU foreigners. You need to be registered with the system to enable your employer to pay your PIT (personal income tax) for you.

Visa From India To Poland In 10 steps

It’s never easy to move to another country, especially one so far from home. Formalities and papers are the worst – complicated and time-absorbing. This article will save you a lot of time.

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