You can get a Polish visa for no more than a year. During this time you can apply for a residence and work permit. This is a temporary residence permit that will entitle you to stay and work in Poland for up to three years.

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Costs differ from case to case. You will surely pay a 4 400 INR visa processing fee to the Polish consular post in India. You may also pay about 500 PLN of fees here in Poland if you decide to apply for a temporary residence permit.


Before you apply for a Polish visa for work

In order for you to be able to work in Poland, your future employer needs to apply for a work permit for you. It makes the whole process complicated because you need to find a job before you’re allowed to work. That means that you have two options:

  1. To find a job before you come to Poland
  2. To come to Poland without any kind of work permit and change your legal status after finding employment


Let’s start with the first scenario

  1. You look for a job. The list of websites with job offers from the Work in Poland category page  should make it easier.
  2. You find an employer and tell him that he needs to apply for a work permit for you. He should know how to do that. If not, tell him to contact me.
  3. Your employer gets a work permit for you. Unfortunately, the process may take a long time. Even up to 3 months in the most difficult cases. Anyway, when it’s over, he sends you one of three official copies.
  4. As you’re from India, you go to the official website for visa applications.
  5. You apply for a visa for work (max. 1 year). For the consular post in New Delhi, the visa processing fee for all types of visas equals 4 400 INR.
  6. You start thinking about residence and work permit application as soon as possible. This is really important. Polish bureaucracy can be really slow, and you cannot apply for a temporary residence permit after your visa expiration date.


The second scenario

  1. You apply for some other type of Polish visa. It can be visa for tourism. But! This kind of visa doesn’t entitle you to work in any case, even if you obtain a work permit. You need to change your legal status.
  2. You find a future employer, who signs a preliminary contract with you.
  3. On the basis of the contract you apply for a residence and work permit.
  4. In this case you pay  4 400 INR for a tourist visa, 440 PLN stamp duty, and 50 PLN fee for a residence card. Costs depend on the type of work permit.

The second scenario is much worse, because you will wait a long time (at least 3 months) to obtain a new legal status with no right to work. You’ll also have to secure sufficient means to cover living expenses. You can read more about that here.


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I believe that my articles about cost of living in Poland and things to do just after you arrive here will give you more important details about relocating to Poland.



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