This week is the last week when you can settle the tax and send the annual declaration for 2020 to the Tax Office. The last day is Friday, April 30, 2021.

We encourage all our Readers to join us in donating 1% of their tax to charitable foundations. What is this?

1% – in short, we are talking about 1% of personal income tax, which since 2004 taxpayers can transfer to public charity organizations.

The possibility of transferring 1% of personal income tax was introduced by the Act on Public Benefit and Volunteer Work in 2003, and specific provisions specifying who and how can transfer 1% of tax are included in the Personal Income Tax Act.

Thanks to it, each taxpayer can independently decide who will receive part of the income tax that he should pay to the state. Taking advantage of this opportunity, we “support” the Minister of Finance in the distribution of public funds. If we do not decide to donate 1% to public benefit organizations, the tax for a given year will go to the “common bag”, the destination of which is decided by the government and the parliament.

1% costs you nothing, and if you do not provide this 1% in your annual declaration, the money will remain in the Tax Office. That is why it is so important to be aware that it is enough to choose a Foundation and the Tax Office will transfer it from the money it has already received to a good cause.

How to do it?

1.First select your foundations – the full list is here:

2. Find the KRS number of the foundation;

3. Enter the KRS number in your annual declaration PIT-37 or PIT-36 on page 4, in part K, cell 132;

4. If you have a specific person that your Charity Foundation supports, you can the name of that person in cell 134, and if you want to reveal your name and surname to the Charity Foundation, you must click the square in cell 135. You can also add any sentence or other details in cell 136.

That’s all! It’s so easy, takes 3 minutes and costs you nothing. Thank you for helping!

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