Polish Pension System – When ZUS Sends You A Letter

Do you know how much your work costs? Old-age pensions cost the most. In this article I explain what ZUS is and how the Polish pension system works.

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Permiso De Trabajo vs. Residencia Temporal Y Permiso De Trabajo

Some time ago Janis Lorena Morales Bernal completely won my heart when she offered to contribute to JustAsk Poland and translate an article to Spanish. And here it is.

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How To Hit It Off Socially In Krakow (A Guide For A Newbie)

To make your transition easier, Sofia Balderson decided to write a short guide about integrating into the very active Krakow community, finding friends and even a job.

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How Can I Register For ePUAP? Legal Basis For A PESEL Number For ePUAP Users

ePUAP is a platform that will enable you to get some administrative things done online. Unfortunately it’s all in Polish and you must have a PESEL to use it. Non-EU foreigners with visas and most people with temporary residence permits cannot obtain a PESEL ex officio, automatically. They need to prove that they need a PESEL for some reason.

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How Can You Work As A Student In Poland?

This moment comes sooner or later – you start thinking about getting a job. In this article I’m going to share with you a few practical tips on how you can work as a student.

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Tax Residence in Poland

Experts from SOVA Accounting agreed to answer several questions from expats in Poland regarding tax residence. Check to see if you should pay your taxes in Poland.

Business Incubators – AIP and Twój StartUp

From time to time you send me questions regarding business in Poland. We usually talk about sole proprietorship or KRS companies, but sometimes we end up discussing the third possibility – business incubators and their pre-incubation scheme.

FAQ Prepared By The Polish Border Guard

The Polish Border Guard published exhaustive answers for the 23 most frequently asked questions from people who cross the Polish border. Read their answers in English.

How Many Expats Live In Poland?

There are quite a lot foreigners in Poland and this number is growing year after year. Can you guess where Polish expats come from and which Polish cities they choose to live in?

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