How Do I Choose A Personal Bank Account?

If you want to find the best personal bank account, it will be easiest to use comparison websites in order to compare offers from all of the banks in Poland. In this article I will provide you with all the necessary Polish banking vocabulary to enable you to find the best bank offers.

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How Can You Work As A Student In Poland?

This moment comes sooner or later – you start thinking about getting a job. In this article I’m going to share with you a few practical tips on how you can work as a student.

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Warning signs in the temporary residence permit application process

Polish offices issued 9,532 negative decisions regarding temporary residence permits in 2016. Could they have been foreseen?

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New Rules Of Waste Management In Poland

The system of waste management in Poland has changed as of July 2017. Learn how to sort your trash and what to do with hazardous waste like electronic devices and medications, or bulky waste like old furniture.

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Free School In Krakow With Preparatory Classes For Expat Children

In this article we’ll explain to you what preparatory classes are, how Mr. Stolarek is preparing his school to give your child the best education, and why you no longer need to pay for education.

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PESEL number for children of non-EU citizens

I was contacted by several parents frustrated by the fact that they knew no way to obtain PESEL numbers for their children. Now we can spread the good news – there is a legal basis to obtain a PESEL for children.

Tax Residence in Poland

Experts from SOVA Accounting agreed to answer several questions from expats in Poland regarding tax residence. Check to see if you should pay your taxes in Poland.

Business Incubators – AIP and Twój StartUp

From time to time you send me questions regarding business in Poland. We usually talk about sole proprietorship or KRS companies, but sometimes we end up discussing the third possibility – business incubators and their pre-incubation scheme.

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