Month: May 2017

How Can I Register For ePUAP? Legal Basis For A PESEL Number For ePUAP Users

ePUAP is a platform that will enable you to get some administrative things done online. Unfortunately it’s all in Polish and you must have a PESEL to use it. Non-EU foreigners with visas and most people with temporary residence permits cannot obtain a PESEL ex officio, automatically. They need to prove that they need a PESEL for some reason.

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How Can You Get Into Poland’s Top Universities?

You’ve made a bold decision to study far from home. The first problem that you need to face is finding the best university in a country where people probably don’t even speak your language. This guide will help you to find and enroll in the top universities in Poland.

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PFR – Pre-Filled Tax Return

This text describes how to use the pre-filled tax return system in order to submit the PIT-37. All you need to do now is check if everything has been copied correctly and fill out a few extra fields.

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