Finally, COVID-19 vaccines are available and Poland started its vaccination program. Let’s have a look at the current status and the vaccination schedule. Are you eligible for vaccination, and where and how to register?

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Current vaccination status in Poland

So far, Poland has received over 1 million doses of vaccine (Pfizer-BioNTech). The current vaccination rate is similar to the EU average – around 1 dose per 100 people. About a total of 300 thousand vaccination doses were administered.

corona covid vaccines per hundred people

statistics about covid vaccine doses adminitered in different countries

Current Timeline

Group 0:

  • Vaccinations of the “group zero”, consisting of people working in healthcare, already started.

Group 1:

  • January 15th. Registration for vaccination for people over 80 years.
  • January 22th. Registration for people over 70 years.
  • January 25th. Beginning of vaccinations for (registered) people over 70.
  • Additionally, from January 15th, every adult can fill out an application form ( You will receive a referral (“eskierowanie”), and you will be informed by email or SMS as soon as you will be eligible for vaccination. Then you will be able to register.
  • People over 60 years, teachers, military: registration date unknown yet.

Group 2: People below 60 years with chronic diseases (with a higher risk of covid complications); people who often need contact health care institutions due to medical reasons; public officers important for the functioning of the basic activity of the state.

Group 3: Everyone else.

Group 0 consists of 0,7 million people, the group of people over 70 is 4,6 million. It is planned to vaccinate 3 million until the end of March, with vaccinations delivered by Pfizer/BioNTech and Moderna (and other companies later).

How to register for vaccination

Who is eligible for vaccination?

The main criterium is having a PESEL number. If you are supposed to have a Karta Pobytu, you will need it to get vaccinated. If you are waiting for your documents, or use the simplified procedure (“procedura uproszczona”) for your stay, you will not be eligible for vaccination. It is estimated that this can affect up to 1 million foreigners living in Poland.

After vaccination

  • You will receive a certificate that you have been vaccinated
  • No quarantine after contact with persons who are infected
  • No quarantine after travel from high–risk countries
  • You are not included in meeting limits

Current quarantine rules (valid until January 31st, does not affect vaccinated people)

If you enter Poland and:

  • you are crossing the outer EU border,
  • or travel by plane or bus or other public transport,
  • or have had contact with infected or potentially infected people,
  • or your first contact doctor suspects you might be infected, and referred you to a Covid-19 test,

then you will have to go into quarantine for 10 days. You are not allowed to leave the house, even to buy food or visit a doctor. In the event of a violation, fines of up to 30000 PLN may be imposed. More information here.

More Information

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