If you are an entrepreneur in Poland, you probably know the CEIDG portal (CEIDG.gov.pl). It is the Central Register and Information on Economic Activity in Poland. Currently, you will find here not only all information about your and other entrepreneurs’ activities, but also perform many related operations (opening, suspending, closing, VAT registration, updating company data – adding a PESEL number, changing the business bank account number, etc.). Did you know that this portal may soon cease to exist? So where will you be able to do all these activities?

Another one, Biznes.gov.pl, operates simultaneously with the CEIDG portal. It is a fairly extensive portal where an entrepreneur can use his trusted ePUAP profile to deal with many different matters related to your company, from a certificate of no tax debt and no debt in ZUS to various types of licenses for passenger transport, find out about current legal regulations, changes in law and use the Entrepreneur Help Center – team of experts answering questions about running a business. Currently, the portal already has almost all the functions available in CEIDG, and over time the entire CEIDG database will also be merged with the KRS database here. The portal’s goal is to be able to do all things in one place, instead of switching to different portals and different user accounts. In addition, many functions of CEIDG are made in a much easier way on the Biznes.gov.pl portal than CEIDG.

Perhaps the CEIDG portal would not exist anymore, if not for some complications of the Biznes.gov.pl portal. Some time ago, a rather serious glitch appeared on the portal that makes it impossible to use a lot of function. Therefore, many functions of the CEIDG portal that had previously been closed had to be restored. At the time of writing this article, both portals are still functioning, but this may change soon and CEIDG will disappear. However, I think that it will not happen that quickly – maybe there are still some new bugs waiting for us :).

Along with the migration to the Biznes.gov.pl portal, we gain many new amenities, such as:

  1. Much more convenient module for sending applications (e.g. setting up a company) – help with filling in the form “step by step”
  2. No need to re-enter basic data (automatic use of previously entered information) – even after an inadvertent close tab with form.
  3. Tracking the status of the case and the deadline for its implementation.
  4. Much more efficient use of the English language by the portal.
  5. All in one place. The CEIDG and KRS databases will not be separate and you will not need a separate entrepreneur account for various matters. It will be possible to make here cases from various offices, e.g. the Office for Personal Data Protection (Urząd Ochrony Danych Osobowych), the General Road Transport Inspection (Generalna Inspekcja Transportu Drogowego), or the National Labor Inspectorate (Państwowa Inspekcja Pracy).
  6. Possibility to receive a reply from the office (decisions, requests for supplementation) without the need to visit the office or wait for a list of new cases, such as a certificate of no tax debt.

Remember that some services require the use of other websites (to which you will be redirected) or visiting the office in person. You cannot deal with most matters related to ZUS. Moreover there are also many cases that, due to the seriousness of the matter, cannot be dealt with online.

The entrepreneur’s account on Biznes.gov.pl will also ultimately be enriched with a list of suggested matters that the user should settle in the near future. The system will remind you of the upcoming deadlines for settling a given official matter, so that the entrepreneur does not miss any important date related to running a business. However, we should remember that these are only plans. Hopefully these changes will be handled carefully as we don’t want any more bugs. Let’s be happy with what is now and the fact that everything works fine now because a lot of things have improved.


Arek Ozimek

JustAsk Poland Team

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