Good news – over the last years, salaries in Poland are constantly rising! But how much can you expect to earn in Poland? What are the highest-paid sectors? And how much tax will you have to pay? These are important questions, so let’s have a look at some statistical data.

I have taken the data from the central statistical office GUS: Główny Urząd Statystyczny


Average and minimum salary

In the first quarter of 2020, the average gross salary was 5331 PLN per month. Compared to the year before, there is an increase of 7,7%.

Note that only companies with more than 10 employees are included in the statistics. Smaller companies often pay a bit less. The median salary (median: half of the people earn less than the median salary, and half of the people earn more) is usually smaller than the average salary.

The current minimum salary in Poland is 2600 PLN gross, which is 1877 PLN net (that is, after paying all taxes and fees). In 2021, the minimum wage is supposed to be 2800 PLN gross.

Monthly average salary in the last 10 years

average gross salary in companies with at least ten employees, 2010 to 2020

Influence of COVID-19 on the average salary

Let’s have a short look at how COVID-19 influenced the average salary. There was a small decrease in April and May, but it seems we are already back at pre-COVID levels.

average gross salary in companies with at least ten empoyees, 2019 to 2020

Polish companies employ more and more people

Compared to last year, Polish employment has risen by 0,6%. However, in the IT and Communication sector and the Accommodation and Catering sector (such as hotels and restaurants), the number of employed people has risen respectively 5% and 4% during the last year. This probably has changed because of COVID-19. I have the impression that the sectors affected the most by COVID-19 were hotels and restaurants, while IT was not affected at all. During the last 10 years, the unemployment rate decreased from 9,6% to 2,9% (before COVID-19).

employed persons in the national economy in selected PKD sectors, as of March 2020
source: GUS

unemployment rate in poland, 2010 to 2020

Monthly average salary by sector

The best-paid jobs can be found in the financial sector and IT. It is even not uncommon to have 15000 PLN or more as an IT specialist.

average monthly gross wage and salary
source: GUS

Average salary by region

The average income varies a lot between different regions – more than 2200 PLN difference between the highest and lowest region. The highest salaries are in Warszawa and cities like Kraków or Gdańsk.

average monthly gross waga and salary in the national economy by region, first quarter of 2020
source: GUS

How much taxes will I have to pay?

There are many gross-net calculators (“brutto netto kalkulator”) on the internet. For instance here and here (in English).

If you have a monthly salary of 5000 PLN gross, you will get 3613 PLN. If 10000 PLN gross, you will see 7140 PLN on your bank account (see also HOW DO I CHOOSE A PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNT? )

However, the tax amount you have to pay may vary – it depends on your contract type – whether it is a B2B contract or a standard work contract for example, whether you are married, etc.

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