This is part of the article PIT in English. How do I submit a tax return form step by step. Make sure to read the main article first.

This text describes how to use the pre-filled tax return system (PFR) in order to submit the PIT-37. The PFR system automatically copies data provided by remitters (in your case that means companies and people who sent you PIT-11 forms). All you need to do now is check if everything has been copied correctly and fill out a few extra fields.

This article paraphrases the official instructions published by the Ministry of Finance. Some pictures also come from that PDF file.

Remember that you may also have your tax return prepared for you by the tax office. Find out more here: PIT-WZ. The tax office will now fill out the PIT-37 form for you.



Go to this official page of the Ministry of Finance.

From the menu on the left side choose Pobierz (PFR) PIT-37 – Download (PFR) the PIT-37



They ask you:

Czy chciałbyś skorzystać z wstępnie wypełnionego zeznania podatkowego (PFR) PIT-37? Would you like to use the pre-filled tax return (PFR) PIT-37?


Tak – Yes



Wybieram – I choose



Uwaga – pięciokrotne podanie błędnych danych uwierzytelniających zablokuje pobranie wstępnie wypełnionego zeznania – Attention – filling out the form with the false authorization data 5 times will block downloading the pre-filled tax return
Identyfikator podatkowy – Tax identifier
Nazwisko – Surname
Pierwsze imię – First name
Data urodzenia (dd-mm-rrrr) – Birth date (dd-mm-yyyy)
Kwota przychodu – Here you put the total amount of revenue for 2016 (that means: for the year that you want to submit the tax return for).
In this example you’ve obtained only PIT-11 forms (one or more), so you should sum up the amount from the fields 29, 34, 36, 39, 43, 46, 49, 53, 57, 60, 62 and 66 of all the PIT-11 forms that you’ve obtained.


If you’ve chosen the individual manner of tax calculation you’ll have only one questionnaire to fill out: Dane uwierzytelniające podatnika – The authorization data of the taxpayer. If you’ve decided to submit the tax return jointly with your spouse you should give your data on the left, and on the right you’ll have Dane uwierzytelniające współmałżonka – The authorization data of the spouse.



After you click on Dalej the system will verify your documentation from the database. If there are no obstacles for you to submit the PIT-37, you’ll see a new screen with the message:
Pobrano wstępnie wypełnione zeznanie podatkowe [PFR] na podstawie poprawnych danych przekazanych do administracji skarbowej – The pre-filled tax return (PFR) has been downloaded on the basis of the correct data conveyed to the tax administration.
Click on OK.


If you’ve chosen to submit the PIT-37 jointly with your spouse, you’ll be shown the following message first:

Source: Official Instructions


It explains when spouses are allowed to file for joint income taxation. The most important conditions are:
  1. They must have been married for the whole 2016 tax year;
  2. They must have had a communal property for the whole year;
  3. They cannot be subjected to the restrictions mentioned in the legal acts listed in the point 4 of the message that has been displayed.
Click on OK.



The next screen presents the list of source forms – in our case all the PIT-11 forms from your employers. Check them out and click on Dalej – Go on.

Source: Official Instructions



On that screen you see three questions with Nie (No) chosen as default:

  1. Czy chciałbyś/chciałabyś dołączić załącznik “PIT/O” – Would you like to attach the PIT/O
  2. Czy chciałbyś/chciałabyś dołączyć załącznik „PIT/D”, – Would you like to attach the PIT/D
  3. Czy chciałbyś/chciałabyś dołączyć załącznik „PIT-2K”, – Would you like to attach the PIT-2K?

All these attachments are for the people who would like to receive tax reliefs. In this example we don’t use any of them, so leave Nie (No) in each place. If you wish to take advantage of the child relief, I recommend that you use the PIT-WZ programme instead of the PIT PFR, because it’s much easier there. Check it out here: PIT-WZ. The tax office will now fill out the PIT-37 form for you. If you wish to file for another tax relief, I recommend that you contact an accountant. You’ll find basic information on tax reliefs in English here. More detailed descriptions are available only in Polish: here, or here.

Leave the “Nie” option an click on Dalej.



On the next screen you’ll see the next very long message. This one instructs you how to choose the tax office to submit the tax return form to. Don’t know how to find the tax office? Go to the main article.



Finally you can see the pre-filled form.


Scroll down to the questionnaire.



You must fill out one field that couldn’t be filled out automatically by the system:

A.9. Urząd, do którego adresowane jest zeznanie – The office that the tax return is addressed to. Start typing in the name of your city and then choose your office from the list.


The rest should be already filled out:

10. Cel złożenia formularza (zaznaczyć właściwą opcję) The submission’s purpose (choose the right option)

  1. Złożenie zeznaniathe taking of evidence (the first submission of the form)
  2. Korekta zeznaniacorrection of the evidence (correction of the data that you’ve already submitted)


B. Dane identyfikacyjne i aktualny adres zamieszkaniaThe data for identification and the current residency address

B.1. Dane podatnikaThe taxpayer’s data

11. NazwiskoSurname

12. Pierwsze imięFirst name

13. Data urodzeniaBirth date

14. KrajCountry

15. WojewództwoVoivodeship/Region

16. PowiatPoviat/County

*Remember to use powiat M.Kraków instead of powiat krakowski if you live in a city.

17. GminaMunicipality

18. UlicaStreet

19. Numer domuBuilding number

20. Numer lokaluFlat number

21. MiejscowośćVillage/city

22. Kod pocztowyPostal code

23. PocztaPost office


B.2. Dane małżonkaThe spouse’s data


Then go to part C and check if all the data are correct:

Check an English translation of the PIT-11 form, and compare it with the document that you’ve obtained from your employer:

You should easily catch on to the pattern:

PIT-11 PIT-37
29 37
30 38
34 (only if filled out in PIT-11) 42
35 (only if filled out in PIT-11) 43
31 39
33 41
70 99
72 116

and so on. The arrangements of charts from both documents are very similiar so it should be easy to compare the numbers. Check the number all way long down to the Section J.


Section J: Wniosek o przekazanie 1% podatku należnego na rzecz organizacji pożytku publicznego (OPP)

Here you are supposed to indicate the organization that you want to support.

Every taxpayer can give 1% of their personal income tax to any public benefit organization. It costs you nothing – you would pay that money to the government anyway. So you can use it to support a charity of your choice. Download the list of available organizations here.

Find a registered organization and fill its KRS number in the field number 137. In the field 138 put the amount of money that you want to transfer. It cannot be more than 1% of the amount from the field number 126. You must round the amount off to the nearest 10.

Sometimes an NGO leads many fundraising actions. In this case the NGO asks you to put the detailed purpose of the fundraising on the form so they can know which internal account (which action in particular) you want to support. To do this, you copy the text provided by them and paste it to the field 139 (section K).

When you check box 140, you agree to send your name and address to the organization that you supported. If you don’t check it, your support will be anonymous.

In field 141 you can put any additional information (for example your email or a phone number) if you want to make it easier for the organization to contact you.

After all of that click on Dalej on the bottom of the page.



Then the system will display the full PIT-37 form for the final review. After you check all of the data, click on Dalej. You cannot modify data on that version of the form. If you notice any mistake, click on Wróć (Go back).

If everyhing is ok, we’re ready to finally submit the tax return.



If you filled in the from jointly with your spouse, now you should see the screen with this declaration:

Oświadczenie podatnika/małżonka/pełnomocnika

Declaration of a taxpayer/a spouse/a proxy

W przypadku zaznaczenia w części “Sposób opodatkowania” pozycji nr 2, 3 albo 4, poz. 7 lub poz. 8, oświadczam, iż spełnione są warunki do opodatkowania dochodów w wybrany sposób. W przypadku zastosowania art. 6 ust. 2a ustawy, oświadczam pod rygorem odpowiedzialności karnej za fałszywe zeznania, że spełniony jest warunek przewidziany w tym przepisie.

In choosing in the part “Taxation manner” positions number 2, 3, or 4, position 7 or position 8, I declare that the conditions of income taxation in the chosen manner have been met. In case of applicability of the Article 6 paragraph 2a of the Act I declare under penalty of perjury that the condition prescribed there has been met.

Positions 2, 3, 4 – Taxation: together with a spouse, a spouse who passed away, or as a single parent (single parent option is not available in the PFR system).

Positions 7 or 8 – people who are not Polish tax residents. That option is not available in the PFR system.

Article 6 paragraph 2a is about the shared and equal responsibility of both spouses for the PIT-37 that they submit together.

Click on Dalej.

Don’t worry if you don’t see this screen if you’ve chosen to submit the tax return individually.



Now it’s time to sign the form.

Wybierz rodzaj podpisuChoose the type of the signature

We choose Dane autoryzujące (podpis elektoroniczny zapewniający autentyczność deklaracji i podań oparty na danych autoryzujących) – Authorizing data (the electronic signature guaranteeing the authenticity of the declaration and applications based on the authorizing data)

What you need to put here for authorization is Kwota przychodu za rok 2015 The revenue for 2015 (so not for 2016 as in the beginning of the process, but now you should go two years back).

      • If you didn’t work in Poland in 2015, type “0”
      • If you submitted a PIT-37 for 2015 on your own, copy the amount from field number 64 of the PIT-37 form for 2015.
      • If you were recognized as a spouse on your husband’s or wife’s tax returns, copy the amount from field number 95 of his/her PIT-37 form. If you used another PIT form (28, 36, 37, 38, 40, 40A) try to figure it out on your own, or ask a Polish speaker for help.




On the next screen you’re supposed to give them your email address twice to enable them to send you the code that you’ll be using to find your documents in the database.



On the next screen you should see the confirmation that your PIT-37 has been successfully sent. The authorization code will be also sent to your email address.

Source: Official Instructions


You should also receive two email messages:


Dokument dla podmiotu: ANNA TESTOWA

The document for the subject: ANNA TESTOWA
Pomyślnie złożono dokument PIT-37. Przedłożenie dokumentu nie jest równoznaczne z przyjęciem dokumentu przez administrację skarbową.

The PIT-37 document has been successfully submitted. The submission doesn’t mean that the document has been accepted by the tax administration.
Potwierdzeniem przyjęcia (złożenia) dokumentu przez administrację skarbową jest wygenerowanie UPO (Urzędowego Poświadczenia Odbioru), po uzyskaniu przez ten dokument statusu „200”.

The confirmation of receipt (submission) of the document by the tax administration is the UPO (Offical Receipt Confirmation), which will be generated after the document receives the status “200”.
W celu sprawdzenia statusu przetwarzania dokumentu oraz pobrania wygenerowanego UPO (po poprawnej weryfikacji dokumentu) proszę skorzystać z poniższego odnośnika:
Kliknij tutaj, aby przejść do swojego dokumentu.

In order to check the processing status of the document and download the generated UPO (after the successful verification of the document) use this link:

Click here in order to go to your document.
Jeśli powyższy odnośnik nie działa lub wygasł, nadal możesz wyszukać swój dokument w systemie korzystając z funkcjonalności Wyszukaj wniosek/deklarację. W pola na formularzu wpisz wygenerowany dla Ciebie kod autoryzujący: h9x3yz oraz adres e-mail:
[email protected]

In case the above link doesn’t work or is outdated, you can still look up your document in the system with the Wyszukaj wniosek/deklarację (Find the application/declaration) function. Fill out the form with the authorization code: h9x3yz and the email address: [email protected]



Dokument dla podmiotu: ANNA TESTOWA

Document for subject: ANNA TESTOWA
Status przetwarzania złożonego przez Ciebie dokumentu PIT-37 został zmieniony. Odszukaj swój dokument przy użyciu adresu e-mail oraz kodu autoryzującego otrzymanych po złożeniu dokumentu.

Processing status of the PIT-37 document submitted by you has been changed. Find your document with your e-mail address and the authorization code that you received after submission.
Jeśli dokument uzyskał status „200” pobierz UPO (Urzędowe Poświadczenie Odbioru), które jest dowodem złożenia dokumentu. W celu odnalezienia dokumentu możesz skorzystać z poniższego linku:
Kliknij tutaj, aby przejść do swojego dokumentu.

If the document received the status “200”, download the UPO (Official Confirmation of Receipt), which is the proof of having submitted the document. In order to find the document, you may use this link:

Click here in order to go to your document.
Wiadomość wygenerowana automatycznie po zmianie statusu przetwarzania deklaracji podatkowej, prosimy na nią nie odpowiadać.
W przypadku pytań i wątpliwości prosimy o kontakt z Infolinią i Pomocą dla Portalu Podatkowego:

The message has been generated automatically after your tax declaration’s status has been changed, please do not respond to this message.

For questions and concerns please contact the Helpline, or the Tax Portal Help Center: – tel. 801 055 055 for wire phones, 22 330 03 30 for mobiles
– email:[email protected].



Now we need to print out two documents for the future: our PIT-37 form and the UPO – the Official Confirmation of Receipt.

Go to the page linked in the second email message that you’ve received and follow the steps shown on the pictures.

Source: Official Instructions


Click on UPO PDF in order to download the UPO, and on Drukuj (Print) in order to print the PIT-37 form. Downloading the document will be possible only if the document gets the status “200” which confirms that it was processed correctly.

Source: Official Instructions


After that the process is finally over. That’s the last part of the tax articles that will be published on JustAsk Poland this year. Next year I hope to publish much more, including exhaustive posts concerning tax reliefs and deductions. If you want me to do so, help my blog grow. Tell your friends about JustAsk Poland, leave me a comment or rate my Facebook page here.

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