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How Much Can I Earn In Poland? Average Salary In Poland And Costs Of Living
People often ask me how much they can earn for their work in Poland. They also want to check if their salaries will be enough to cover costs of living. I have described renting costs for flats in Polish cities, typical Polish prices, and wages based on statistics. I have also described how much your net salary will be if you earn over 4 000 PLN gross.

Cost Of Living In Poland. Household Budgets According To The Statistics

I’ve decided to describe cost of living in Poland… and I believe that I have published the most detailed article describing average income and expenditures in Poland on the English Internet. It should be both useful for newcomers, and really interesting for long-time expats. I am sure about that, because I’ve learned a lot of new, useful stuff while writing it, even though I have lived here all my life.

PIT In English. How Do I Submit A Tax Return Form Step By Step
The most popular article on my blog describes how to submit a tax return form. If you work in Poland, you need to deal with this each year. The problem is that all the forms are only available in Polish. That’s why I decided to include my own English translations of useful programs that help with this task.

Work Permit vs. Temporary Residence And Work Permit
I get many questions about work permits and residence permits. This article explains the differences between two very important documents for foreigners working in Poland. The attached links will enable you to find more details in the official info sources.

How Do I Get A Food Service Worker Certificate In Poland? Książeczka Sanepidowska
If you’re going to work in Poland as a cook or a waiter, you definitely should read my text about the food service worker certificate. Many employers won’t hire you wthout special laboratory tests.

How to find a job in Poland

Unfortunately I’m not able to directly help you to find a job in Poland. I can only recommend you some websites with offers – in English and in Polish. Hopefully this will enable you to save time, as you won’t need to google such websites on your own.

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