Author: Maciek

How Do I Choose A Personal Bank Account?

If you want to find the best personal bank account, it will be easiest to use comparison websites in order to compare offers from all of the banks in Poland. In this article I will provide you with all the necessary Polish banking vocabulary to enable you to find the best bank offers.

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Company Formation In Poland: The CEIDG-1 Form

You register a sole proprietorship in the CEIDG register on the CEIDG-1 form. The good news is that the form has been translated into English. The bad news is that many entrepreneurs still find it difficult to fill out the form on their own.

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How Do I Register A Company In Poland?

It’s not easy to run a company in Poland, but still there are people who decide to start their company here. If you’re going to register a sole proprietorship, these instructions will help you to go through the registration process.

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PIT-WZ. The Tax Office Will Now Fill Out The PIT-37 Form For You

This year the Polish tax office introduced a new kind of service – they’re now filling out the PIT-37 forms for taxpayers. I got really excited by the idea, especially since according to the government it should now take the taxpayer only a few minutes to apply for the assistance and then to accept the version prepared by the tax office.

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