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A year ago a friend of mine moved from France to Poland and we all realized that there is no info center that could help expats with everything: flats, legalization procedures, doctors, banks, taxes, and daily problems. I decided to build it on my own.

In collaboration with professionals from fields such as law, accounting, and real estate I hope to build the biggest and most comprehensive English language info center for foreign residents in Poland.

My name is Maciek Stopa and my mission is to make your life easier.

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Month after month I publish more and more articles and modify the structure of the blog. Right now it’s divided into four main categories and two subcategories:

I believe that you’ll find many of the articles useful, so feel free to check out the full list of everything that I’ve published in the Table of Contents section.

You can use this section in order to easily find articles for any situation, for example when you’ve seen someone ask about a topic that you’ve already gone through with my tutorials, go ahead and share a link on your Facebook expat group! 🙂

If you can’t find answers for your questions on my blog, send me a message. I’ll try to find the answer for you, or I’ll recommend you professional service providers.

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In turn I ask you to be part of the community. As a strong, engaged group we will attract tax advisors, lawyers, real estate agents and big companies that will create useful content for you in order to introduce themselves to English speaking clients.


Why do I do this?

My main goal is to build the most extensive information source in English for foreigners living in Poland.

I also want to build a concierge business for foreigners. A place that will take care both of your legalization procedures and daily problems. You could deal with a problem on your own on the basis of my tutorials, or you could have it done for you by me.

By learning about your struggles and helping you respond to them I’ll in turn be making my services more useful, accurate, and caring. A brand is built by a community and I invite you to build it with me.

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