From time to time I’ll introduce you to my partners – websites led by expats or for expats that have something interesting to offer: valuable and reliable information, fresh news, special products, etc.

One of the websites that you should know about is Odd Urban Things. It’s a blog run by Federico and Anna. He’s Italian, she’s Polish. They both fell in love with Warsaw and now they would like to inspire foreigners to explore the city. Their goal is to show you how amazing the Polish capital city is.

Well, in my opinion that’s not an easy task (I live in Kraków and the people of Kraków don’t like Warsaw that much). Just kidding. If you think that there’s nothing interesting to do in Warsaw, or if you think that you’ve already seen everything, you should download their free guide. It’s just the beginning. Federico and Anna will suggest you what to do in Warsaw, where to eat, where to find the best of the city’s culture and customs. They promise to publish the directory with the best events in Warsaw every week.

Check them out on your own. Read their proposition of the things worth doing in Warsaw.

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