So, you’ve sorted your paperwork and found accommodation (if you haven’t done these things, please click here), but there is still one very important thing missing: a social life, and maybe even a job. Where do you go if you do not know anyone?

Sofia Balderson

Sofia Balderson

Sofia Balderson comes from Belarus. Together with her British husband, Chris, they make videos for people learning English: Real British English. Sofia came to Poland in January 2017. She’s been keeping track of everything that she and her husband needed to make themselves comfortable in Poland. To make the transition easier for other expats, she decided to write a short guide about integrating into the very active Krakow community, finding friends and even a job. We believe that this article on JustAsk Poland will help you if you are about to move to Krakow or have just moved and want to meet new people.

Krakow is a perfect place for socialising and, whatever your interests are, there is something for everyone in this wonderful city. Here are a couple of free or pay-as-you-feel events to get you started!

(Please note that the events are in order according to the time I discovered them and does not reflect the importance or popularity of the events).

  • Polski z Jurkiem is an open, pay-as-you-feel Polish language event, but it’s not your usual Polish language class. Jurek is a qualified Polish language teacher who organises this event for foreigners who want to find out how Polish people really speak. All levels can benefit from the class as they are in English, and Jurek brings super useful vocabulary and expressions you will never find in books. I am about B1 level in Polish and started using the content Jurek taught straight after the lesson and my understanding greatly improved. Jurek also organises “beer” meetings for you to meet new people and practice your Polish, so feel free to come even if you are a beginner!
  • Collaborate, Krakow! is a community dedicated to networking and connecting people from abroad who live in Krakow. It is literally one of the best places to find new friends, jobs, volunteering opportunities and generally to stay in the loop of what’s happening in town. You will be surprised by just how many things they’ve got going on – you can find out during their weekly events on the group’s Facebook page.
  • Open Coffee Krakow is a morning meeting where entrepreneurs, students and others who are interested in start-ups can network. You might also come along if you are looking for a job: there will be quite a few people looking for employees!
  • Networking for Breakfast is an event organised by Ambasada Krakowian where you can meet new people during a morning meal!
  • Women’s Business Network in Krakow are events for those who would like to broaden their horizons in terms of the role women play and could play in Poland in modern business environment. Everyone (regardless of their sex) is welcome, please visit their website and register for the next event.
  • Couchsurfing Krakow is a group for people interested in couchsurfing, travelling and cultural exchanges. The group organises events quite regularly so make sure to check it out!
  • Language Exchange Krakow is a group of people who organise meet ups every Sunday to exchange languages. No matter which language you are looking for, feel free to come and check it out!

Check out these similar groups for French and Polish and others.

This is not an exhaustible list of all the groups and events you can join, so please keep exploring and share your favourite events on the expat group!

The weather is warming up and there is really no excuse for not attending at least a couple of these! Online conversations and applications will never beat the good old personal connection! Enjoy!

Sofia Balderson

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