Chido-Fajny is a blog run by Jose David Huerta Beltran, a Warsaw expat born in Mexico City. During his studies at the Universidad Panamericana Campus in Mexico he went away for an exchange programme to Paris. Once he got to Europe, he started thinking about visiting Poland for just a while. Actually he stayed a little bit longer – as of now, over three years. He’s been working and studying at the International Business School of Economics in Warsaw, but he has also managed to spend some time on writing a blog that has become very popular. The Chido-Fajny website was visited by 177,467 people in 2016 and it’s just the beginning, as the audience keeps growing.


David provides content in English and Spanish. In the same way as with JustAsk Poland, he writes about formalities in Poland and he also answers his readers’ questions directly, but the scope of his interests is much wider. David is in love with Poland and the blog is a manifesto of his feelings. He writes about top touristic attractions, Polish customs and culture, food and lifestyle, the problems and experiences of expats, pubs, and open topics. He’s interested in everything Polish. He has also written articles about Mexico – so as a reader of his blog you can have two in one if both of these countries interest you.


Some time ago we contacted each other and started collaboration between Chido-Fajny and JustAsk Poland. We’ve started with an interview, which you can watch below. Enjoy!

Life in Poland | Interview with Maciek From JustAsk Poland

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