More and more foreigners are studying in Poland. Over 57,000 international students from almost 160 countries studied here in 2016. What’s more, Poland scored the third highest in the International Student Satisfaction ranking for Europe according to Study Portals.

The Study in Poland section is dedicated to all students and to people who have just started looking into Polish universities.

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How Can You Get Into The Top Universities In Poland?

The process of looking for the most suitable study programme may give you a headache. There are hundreds of universities in Poland, so checking all of their offers individually is quite challenging. In this article I not only provide the list of top universities in Poland, but I also recommend two great search engines that will enable you to deal with the all the searching in no time. I also give you a few tips on how to get into a Polish university.

How Can You Work As A Student In Poland?

It’s possible that you’ll have a lighter schedule and you’ll be able to start working as a student. This article will be a must-read for you. It explains work permits for students, indicates when the best moment is to start working and suggests how to find a job or an internship.

Five Things You Should Do After You Get Into A University in Krakow

This time I would like to help those of you who are considering studying in Krakow. I’m guessing that you’re a little bit stressed about moving to a new city that you’ve probably never been to. The first weeks are going to be tough, so let me give you 5 tips on what to do after you get into a university in Krakow.

Study In Two European Countries Thanks To Erasmus In Poland

It’s an adventure in itself to study in Poland when you live far from here, but you could even study in two European countries and get a special scholarship from the European Union to do so. Imagine that: two years in Poland and one year in Germany, Italy, Spain, France… In this article I describe how the Erasmus+ scholarships work.

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