The first months after moving to Poland are probably the hardest… You’ve just arrived, no one speaks your language (not that many people speak English well either), but everyone expects that you do something for them: your new employer, clerks, your flat’s owner, etc. You have two options: you can pay some company for help, or read my articles from this section and deal with the problems on your own.

Articles in the section:

What To Do Upon Arrival To Poland? 

This article contains the full list of things that you should think about just after you move to Poland. It’s a starting point for your research – it outlines the most important things to do and provides you with links to official info sources with extra details.

Registration in Poland. Zameldowanie for Foreigners in Krakow

After moving to Poland you should register your place of residence in the municipality office (a city hall). I remember that when I published this article many readers on expat Facebook groups were surprised to learn about this particular requirement. That’s why I think that you should definitely check it out.

NIP in Poland

This is one of the best articles that I’ve ever published. It explains how to apply for a tax identification number that you will need if you’re going to work here and you cannot obtain a PESEL number. Ideally you should apply for it within a few months after moving to Poland.

How Can I Register For ePUAP? Legal Basis For A Pesel For ePUAP Users

The rules of PESEL changed in 2015. EU citizens get a PESEL automatically. Non-EU citizens also get a PESEL automatically when they have permanent residency, long-term EU residency, a “Pole’s card”, after marrying an EU citizen, if they’re refugees, or they have special status due to humanitarian reasons. The fact is: non-EU citizens with most types of temporary residence permits and visas cannot obtain a PESEL automatically. If that applies to you, you need to submit the special form with the legal basis for a PESEL in order to be able to use ePUAP.

How To Exchange A Driving Licence. Polish Driving Licence For Foreigners

I was asked if you can drive a car in Poland on the basis of a foreign driving licence. Then I found that English websites didn’t go into much detail and a new article was needed. That’s how this post was born. It explains in which cases your national driving licence is valid in Poland, what the procedure of the exchange looks like, and how to go through the process step-by-step. Similarly to my previous articles, I’ve also translated some parts of the form that you will need to fill out.

How Do I Choose A Personal Bank Account? The Best Banks in Poland

The last article in the Just After Moving to Poland section explains how to choose the best personal bank account on the basis of your income, needs and habits. Make sure to check it out if you don’t want to overpay for banking services.

Work in progress

That’s it for now but I haven’t said my last word yet. JustAsk Poland began in November 2016 and this is just the beginning of what I’m going to publish. This section will grow month after month. Please join the JAP community and help me build the biggest info center for expats in Poland.

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NIP Number

NIP is often used as an identification number for people who work in Poland and are not included in the PESEL register i.e. most non-EU foreigners. You need to be registered with the system to enable your employer to pay your PIT (personal income tax) for you.

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