Sofia, one of the readers of this blog, came to Krakow in January 2017 together with her husband. It was their first time here. Sofia told me that they didn’t know anyone living in Poland, so there was no one meeting them at the airport. They didn’t have anyone who could advise them on where to go. It took them ages to get a single task done.

This category page is for people like Sofia. I hope to make it easy for you to find important explanations and guides whenever you need them.

Living in Poland – articles and guides

Below I present three subcategories with articles that should make your life in Poland easier.

If you still have to apply for a visa, start your research from the Visa to Poland subcategory. I’ve described there how to get a visa from India to Poland and how much a work visa to Poland costs.

I’m sure that you’re also wondering what you should do upon arrival. My Just After Moving to Poland section should help you quite a bit. Eventually it will cover the full list of tasks and duties that you need to deal with during your first months in Poland.

By the way, Sofia and Chris agreed to write a very important article for those who are coming to Poland for the first time. They have explained how to make your first weeks in Krakow super easy. In fact this text will be useful to anyone who’s going to start living in Poland soon.

Now you can either check out the subcategories that I recommended above, or scroll down in order to see all the articles from the Living in Poland category. Should you have any questions or suggestions for new articles – please contact me.

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