I’m a blogger and co-owner of a company providing global mobility services. I spend lots of time in Polish offices and I use these experiences to write new articles.


My name is Maciek Stopa. I’m Polish and I live in Kraków. Each time that I have to deal with official matters I think about how much harder it must be for expats in Poland. So here I am, ready to make it easier for you.

In November 2016 I started writing a blog based on a simple idea – readers would ask me questions and I would publish detailed articles covering some of the most frequent or interesting problems. Quickly those questions became too complicated for me to answer on my own. With the growing audience came growing responsibility for every published article and every given answer. I realized that I had to find experts for collaboration.


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After many months of searching for a reliable and professional partner I found Krzysztof Furtan, an attorney-at-law, and his collaborating experts. We’ve created EXLEGAL, a global mobility outsourcing and consulting center dedicated to expats and their employers.


How does JAP work?

You ask – I answer. Easy as that.

When I’m able to help on my own, I send free responses within two working days.

If questions require paid support, I offer the services of EXLEGAL.

Ask about anything in Poland: banks, taxes, employment costs, legalization procedures… whatever comes to your mind. You can check the reviews on my Facebook page to find that I know a thing or two, but for more complicated cases you may want to be advised by my collaborating lawyer, tax advisor, insurance agent or credit broker.


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