PIT-WZ. The Tax Office Will Now Fill Out The PIT-37 Form For You

This year the Polish tax office introduced a new kind of service – they’re now filling out the PIT-37 forms for taxpayers. I got really excited by the idea, especially since according to the government it should now take the taxpayer only a few minutes to apply for the assistance and then to accept the version prepared by the tax office.

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Is There Free Healthcare For The Unemployed In Poland?

Can you use free healthcare services in Poland when you’re unemployed? How does NFZ work? Matters of public insurance in Poland.

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How To Exchange One Driving Licence For Another. Polish Driving Licence For Foreigners

This article explains in which cases your national driving licence is valid in Poland, what the procedure of the exchange looks like, and how to go through the process step-by-step. Similarly to my previous articles, I’ve also translated the form that you will need to fill out.

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NIP Number

NIP is often used as an identification number for people who work in Poland and are not included in the PESEL register i.e. most non-EU foreigners. You need to be registered with the system to enable your employer to pay your PIT (personal income tax) for you.

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PIT In English. How Do I Submit A Tax Return Form Step By Step

Once a year every taxpayer needs to fill out a tax return form and submit it to the tax office. Sometimes it’s possible to deal with a tax return without any assistance, for free. This is why I’ve described the process of submitting PIT in English.

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recent articles

Tax Residence in Poland

Experts from SOVA Accounting agreed to answer several questions from expats in Poland regarding tax residence. Check to see if you should pay your taxes in Poland.

Business Incubators – AIP and Twój StartUp

From time to time you send me questions regarding business in Poland. We usually talk about sole proprietorship or KRS companies, but sometimes we end up discussing the third possibility – business incubators and their pre-incubation scheme.

FAQ Prepared By The Polish Border Guard

The Polish Border Guard published exhaustive answers for the 23 most frequently asked questions from people who cross the Polish border. Read their answers in English.

How Many Expats Live In Poland?

There are quite a lot foreigners in Poland and this number is growing year after year. Can you guess where Polish expats come from and which Polish cities they choose to live in?

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